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17 + 18.12 BIMFEST XIX @ De Casino- St-Niklaas - B DJ BORG - SIXTH STRIKE 27.08.21 Project Pitchfork @ De Casino - St-Niklaas. BE Not Just Another EBM day! The 2022 - 100% Belgian - Edition!

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13 + 14.12.2019 - De Casino - St-Niklaas - B
(THE Belgian Independent Music Festival since 2002)

It is with great pleasure that we may announce our 18th edition of our Belgian Independent Music Festival 2019 (BIMFEST)!
Like every year, we try to compile a varying and appealing line-up in the best BIMFEST tradition!

Here are our the confirmed acts (Alphabetical order):

THE CASSANDRA COMPLEX (UK) have been active since the mid '80s and have never stopped since. One of their most well-known songs is probably "One Millionth Happy Costumer" which also appeared on must-have E.B.M. collector "This Is Electronic Body Music" (PIAS, 1988). The Cassandra Complex were originally planned to play BIMFEST 2017 when they had to cancel unexpectedly due to severe health reasons of one of their members. These crossover electro-punks are known for their breathtaking and energetic performances as they already successfully showed us at BIMFEST 2008. So there is no doubt these gentlemen will now, once again, prove to us they are back and still ”alive & kicking"!

THE DEVIL & THE UNIVERSE (A) retrieved their name from two cards they selected from the 78 piece tarot card set as utilised by the most famous occultist of the 20th century, Aleister Crowley. ”The Devil” and “The Universe” were the cards pulled and thus a name for their musical-magical-transcendental composition and transformation project was chosen. Two musician friends, one goal! Ashley Dayour (Whispers in the Shadow) and David Pfister (Neigungsgruppe, Sex, Gewalt und gute Laune) set out to create music from magical systems, give up their musical creativity and allow the legitimacy of magic and religious mechanisms to form musical rules. Getting back to the tarot card reference, imagine allotting certain chords or rhythmic sequencing to certain cards. The pulling of the cards then becomes an exercise reminiscent of automatic writing. A beloved methodology of Surrealism, this exercise permits emotion and expression to emerge without the influence of the “critical self”. At the end of the process, Ashley Dayour and David Pfister were confronted with a homogenous collection of songs that were custom-made for the soundtrack of the cinema of the mind. The process and its system dictated and created not just phonetic anarchy but also examples of sound perfection.

DIE KRUPPS (D) Performing a special and exclusive electro set for BIM FEST XVII !
In the beginning, with the first primal steps of EBM, you could clearly hear the influences from Punk Rock. Both D.A.F and Die Krupps came from the Punk scene and what you heard on "Die Kleinen und Die Bösen" with songs like "Nacht Arbeit" and "Essen Dann Schlafen" was taken into perfection with "Volle Kraft Voraus" and especially "Tod und Teufel", both songs on Die Krupps' second album "Volle Kraft Voraus" from 1982. Ever since the monumental release "I" in 1992, Die Krupps musical style could be described as Industrial Metal or in their own words, Metal Machine Music. With endless hits from the '90s era they have toured the world and had a great influence on the Neue Deutsche Härte scene with bands like Rammstein, Eisbrecher etc. Although there's still a few of us that remember that Die Krupps were there to define the EBM scene in the beginning of the '80s, it has been a long time since we were able to witness and hear this music performed live. A light of hope was heard on the 2010 release of mini-album "Als wären wir für immer" where songs like "The Chameleon Man" and the cover of Ralf Dörper's own Propaganda song "Dr Mabuse" showed a more electronic approach to the songs than had been heard in a very long time. The hopes were even higher with the brilliant album "The Machinists of Joy" from 2015 including one of the best EBM-songs ever made, "Schmutzfabrik". However, on stage Die Krupps stuck to the world of Metal Machine Music. Now, the BIM FEST audience will be able to witness something that hasn't happened in Belgium since the late '80s, where we get to hear Die Krupps present their old songs from "Volle Kraft Voraus" together with newer tracks in a strict electronic set up. Dare we say we are super thrilled? This will be a milestone in the history of Bim Fest!!

ENZO KREFT (BE) released two obscure but widely acclaimed minimal synth cassette-albums in the early eighties, creating a dark and atmospheric sound, using lo-fi overdubbing techniques with synthesizers, rhythm boxes, tape loops and an electric guitar. His debut album "Me Is" (1983) has become a worldwide collector's item, containing his well-known tracks "Beauty Queen" and "Erotic Fantaseesz". This year, Kreft released his brand new and already critically aclaimed album "Control".

FÏX8:SËD8 (D) is a dark electro/EBM music band from Frankfurt, Germany and was founded by mastermind Martin Sane. Heavily influenced by North American industrial acts such as Velvet Acid Christ and Skinny Puppy, their sound is characterized by an excessive use of samples, complemented by rich textures, complex sequences, edgy rhythms, and charged with heartfelt distinctive vocals. Recently FÏX8:SËD8 released their 4th studio album ‘Warning Signs’ on Dependent Records which was well received by the alternative music press.

MOTOR!K (BE) is a brand new Belgium based band founded in 2018 by Joeri Dobbeleir (Guitars/Synths), Dirk Ivens (Guitars, Fx) and Dries D'Hollander (Drums). Stepping out of their comfort zone and leaving their musical habitat these key members challenge new experimental fields inspired by the Krautrock movement from the 70s but with an updated touch. Step into their world and let them take you by surprise. After their debut tape, released earlier this year by Wool-e Shop sold-out they were quickly spotted and signed by the renowned Berlin based Out Of Line Records. Their debut album has now recently been released as 12” vinyl and CD.

RADERKRAFT (NL) Somewhere between minimal synth, electro punk and new wave floats the irresistible sound of Raderkraft, a.k.a. Amsterdam-based musician and producer Willem Stinissen (1980). Equally cold and catchy, playful and hypnotising. Armed with throbbing analogue synths, staccato drumcomputer beats, quirky German vocals and miraculous visuals, Raderkraft takes you from the Autobahn straight into the galaxy. This summer Raderkraft dropped his boiling new single 'De Witte Streep'. This Dutch EBM track is an answer to Doe Maar, one of the most popular Dutch pop bands ever, and their song 'Heroïne’ from 1983. Just like that song, 'De Witte Streep' is a throbbing ball of frustration about a (fictional) friend who is addicted to drugs - cocaine in this case.

REIN (SE) Stockholm based all female Electronic act/artist REIN is raw, energetic, electro built from the seeds of early EBM. Formed in 2015, REIN is the lead singer, co-producer, writer, Joanna Reinikainen. Live on stage she brings two girls on drums together with her high octane fearless energy. In 2015 she became known on SoundCloud after she put out three demo songs: ”There Is No Authority But Yourself”, ”Born to Die” and ”Concrete Jungle”. With the release of her first EP 'REIN' (2016) she came to the attention of one of the main Swedish radio stations (P3 Sveriges Radio) and renowned music journalist Fredrik Strage. On her second EP 'FREEDOOM' (2017) she explored a broader and political electropunk vision, touching subjects like feminism, anti-racism, anti-capitalism and about being a misfit. She was nominated at P3 Guld Music Awards Gala 2017 for "Best New Artist" and "Best Dance Of the Year" 2017. REIN's debut album is in the pipeline as we speak!

STURM CAFÉ (SE) emerged in Gävle, Sweden 2001 when childhood friends Jonatan Löfstedt and Gustav Jansson decided to start making music together with sounds derived from synthesizers, drum machines and Akai samplers, sequenced by an Atari 1040ST computer. They managed to create their own distinct sound blending ideas of early 2000s Electronic music with inspiration from the early EBM/Industrial scene. Their music has one foot firmly in the bass driven EBM world, while the other stands in the more catchy melodious Neue Deutsche Welle. With 3 albums, numerous singles and EPs Sturm Café have gathered a strong and loyal following around the world. It is not uncommon to hear songs like ‘Stiefelfabrik’, ‘Koka Kola Freiheit’ and ‘Scheissnormal’ at the darker clubs in Europe and Latin America.

TORUL (SI) is an electro-pop band from Slovenia, headed by Torulsson. Constantly exploring and merging influences and own development in production. Instead of strictly following one style of music, TORUL are interested in production with a broader approach to music. First TORUL album 'Dark Matters' saw light in 2010 and in spite of an almost non-existing promotion brought two quite well accepted singles, 'It Was Supposed To Be Fun' and 'Saddest Song'. Right after that TORUL got signed by German independent label 'Infacted Recordings' and released the much more noticed album 'In Whole', from which two singles made it among top 3 on various alternative charts ... Only recently they have released their Sixth studio album 'Hikikomori' which reached to number one in the German DAC charts!

ZWEITE JUGEND (D) is the duo Eli van Vegas and Marcel Lüke, also known from their other project Combat Company. With this project the boys are celebrating their "Second Youth" and they do this with a quite deliberately DAF-ish sound in order to honour their heroes Deutsch-Amerikanische Freundschaft. Their second and recently released album is named 'Elektronische Körpermusik', another hint that leaves little room for misunderstandings... Zweite Jugend is old school and hardcore EBM!

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