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June 2022
Elke Moldenhauer (CD)
Veerle De Block (CD)
Albert Van Oncelen (CD)

May 2022
Gino Valcke (CD)
Bert Cluys (CD)
Roy Myriam (Ticket Grausame Töchter @ M4 02.07)

April 2022 - No newsletter send

March 2022
No winners


February 2022
Nicole Goedrun (CD)
John Levetier (CD)
Hamis Herrek (Ticket Adult.)

December 2021
Dirk Troubleyn (CD)
Ronny Snels (Ticket EBM day)
Falco Freund (CD)

October 2021
Patricia Vercammen (CD)
Markus Danschewitz (CD)
Peter Bosmans (CD)


Please note we do NOT send out CD's or Vynils!
You only can collect your prize personally at one of our events.
Tickets will be send as e-tickets to your E-mail address.
Winners should collect their price within the year!

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