REVCO World (B)

 feat. Luc Van Acker

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Luc Van Acker is together with R23 (Front 242) and Al Jourgenson (Ministry)co-founder of the legendary avant-garde EBM/Electro/Industrial band Revolting Cocks.

With those forces joined, it was no surprise that heir first album 'Big Sexy Land' (1986) did hit the electro/industrial world like an A-Bomb.

It was by public demand, after a sold out US tour of the Revolting Cocks & Ministry (2006) and in order to promote the upcoming Revolting Cocks album: 'The Cocktail Mixes' that Revolting Cock Luc Van Acker was asked to set up RevCo Sound-System. After a couple of successful try outs on Bimfest 2006, Antwerp (B), Slimelight - London (UK, 2007) & Biff fest. - Brussels (B, 2007) to name a few, and after finding himself the live musicians he needed Luc Van Acker decided to rename his new project to REVCO WORLD.

REVCO WORLD is basically a more Electronic/ Industrial version of today's almighty 'Revolting Cocks', Although Revco World is without Al Jourgensen, it has same, or yet even more, power.

REVCO WORLD can be seen as a Revolting Cocks tribute band with which our favourite (Revolting) Cock Luc Van Acker gives us the chance to discover or even rediscover the energy and power of some of the best Industrial/EBM songs ever.

Expect to hear reworked songs from the latest Revolting Cocks album 'Cocked & Loaded' but also classic Revolting Cock songs like 'No Devotion', 'Attack Ships', 'TV Mind' and many more!

REVCO WORLD is One big party! And you're invited! (We just want you to get down!)

Don't miss out because this could well be the closest you will ever get to hear classic Revolting Cocks songs blast out of a decent PA sound system!

Revolting Cock Luc Van Acker presents: REVCO WORLD!

Get them now on your stage!!!





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