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New Wave Club Nights

06.04. NEW WAVE CLUB NIGHT with live concerts of Henke, Aroma Di Amore & Dark Poem + DJ BORG & friends @ Zappa, Antwerp

While wondering WHAT ever happened to the once so vibrant Antwerp alternative/New Wave scene and WHY we don’t have any serious tribute parties to this wonderful and broad music style we decided to give it a go and see what’s left of this once revolutionary spirit and way of life. Some may call it nostalgic and naïve to think we can recreate the days when we could chose witch alternative clubs we wanted to go … Who doesn’t remember the many exciting nights at Antwerp clubs like Ancienne Belgique, The Mirrage, The Image, The Face, Cinderella, The Paradox, The Plaza, The Limelight, … but WHERE did all those people that crowed these clubs go?! Did they vaporize? Or are they all glued to their couch and gave up? Did they give up the idea that we are here to enjoy life? No live after marriage & children? Or did they take The Sex Pistols/Punk message to literally? No Future for you!?
We agree that revolution doesn’t only happen in the weekend … But it’s better than NO revolution at all!
So …

GET your lazy ass OUT THAT COUCH, GET A BABYSIT (if you only recently found out how to make children) AND COME TO PARTY & DANCE with us! :D

Help us making this a succesful concept and we will give you more!

Tickets: Presale €21/ €25 @ doors

HENKE (Exclusive Belgian show!)
HENKE is the new band from Oswald Henke, the mastermind of Goethes Erben. With a skillful blend of alternative and gothic elements HENKE is extremely diverse. Live they bring you the perfext mix of classics from Goethes Erben, Erblast & Artwork as well as music from their ravishing first album "Seelenfütterung" and brand new material from the upcoming second album "Maskenball der Nackten".

Aroma di Amore have always been outsiders, even within the confinement of the alternative rock circuit. Their peculiar blend of raw guitars, electronics, Dutch lyrics and unconventional song structures was too hybrid for many. Those however who, without prejudice, would lend an ear to the band’s music, discovered an energetic, authentic and uncompromising collective that stood above all trends. From beginning to end the nucleus of Aroma di Amore consisted of Elvis Peeters, who in an uninimitable, possessed way delivered his highly original lyrics, and Fred Angst, guitarist mastering the heaviest riffs as well as refined tapestries of sound.

Faerie-lectro from Antwerp, Belgium. Their music is a reflection of the unconcious, the wondrous world of dreams, shadows and desires. Dark Poem wants to tell a story, discover reality behind reality and bring more beauty and wonder in this, sometimes ugly an miserable, world. Their songs can be a key with which the listener can open the door to his own inner magic world.

19:00 Doors
20:00 Dark Poem (45 min)
21:00 Aroma Di Amore (90 min)
23:00 Henke (100min)
01:00 Afterparty with DJ BORG & DJ ALBI

€25 @ the doors / still available!


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