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21.10 VNV NATION - NOIRE TOUR 2018 @ De Casino - St-Niklaas - B 20 + 21.04 Black Easter Fest @ De Casino, St-Niklaas, B 14 + 15.12 BIMFEST 2018 @ De Casino- St-Niklaas - B 23.2 International EBM Day 2019
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BodyBeats newsletter August 2018 online!

24 August 2017 13:56

Over 4800 happy costumers/subscribers can't be wrong!!!

With this newsletter we inform you of our upcoming events, related news and live actions our BodyBeats roster artists.

As we know there's already lot's of spam around we tend to send only ONE newsletter a month, although in special / last minute occasions we might send an extra one out. But in case we no news we dare to a month too. Rest assure, to reduce the annoying effects of spam we will try to keep the frequency to the essential minimum.

Why should I subcribe to an 'old-school newsletter when you have everything on Facebook!?
Well, don't be fooled! Facebook is all about money and showing you less than 10% of what's really relevant news for you!

So JOIN US now, subscribe NOW! And RIP THE SYSTEM!

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