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NEWS The Weathermen singer Bruce Geduldig passed away (RIP)

The Weathermen singer Bruce Geduldig passed away (RIP)

08 March 2016 14:19

Today we received this sad news from Bruce's partner in crime, Jean-Marc Lederman, of The Weathermen.

"Bruce Geduldig (left) passed away yesterday, on his 63rd birthday,


his Sacramento house.

He was known as the singer of iconic band The Weathermen.
He was also a member of the SF band Tuxedomoon.

He'll be remembered as a great fun guy,

​very good lyricist, ​

witty, clever, astute and very sharp.
A swimmer, too, he loved swimming.

Singer and lyricist of The Weathermen, he penned the classic industrial song "Poison" , "Bang" and "Punishment Park".

Godspeed Bruce."

Also we at BodyBeats grief this loss...
He was a pleasant, easygoing artist we loved to have on our stage.

Rest in Piece Bruce!


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