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14 + 15.12 BIMFEST - Combi-Ticket


14 + 15.12.2018 - De Casino - St-Niklaas - B
(THE Belgian Independent Music Festival since 2002)

It is with great pleasure that we may announce our 17th edition of our Belgian Independent Music Festival 2018 (BIMFEST) !

Like every year, we try to compile a varying and appealing line-up in the best 'BIMFEST tradition!

Here are our first confirmed acts (Alphabetical order):

Agent Side Grinder, who have just recently released the long awaited new and stunning video/single "Doppelgänger"


Covenants 9th studio album, 'The Blinding Dark', was released in November 2016 and showed a remarkable development in style, something that Covenant definitely wanted to do with this album - and not least because of the subject that they dealt with on this album. With this release, this Swedish / German outfit has probably released their artistically most ambitious album so far. As many music lovers and critics agreed, this album was perhaps also their most obscure and moody album since their first two albums Dreams Of A Cryotank (1994) and Sequencer (1996).
Therefore it was a more than logical consequence that we at BodyBeats, after their successful The Blinding Dark Tour’ passage in 2017, asked Covenant if they could be up to to the idea of presenting some gems from their first two albums to our BIMFEST audience. Being great admirers and supporters of BIMFEST, frontman Eskil Simonsson and his companions immediately agreed and started working. Of course, besides these lovely vintage songs, they will also play some of their most famous clubsongs to please their fans!

Dreams Of A Cryotank (First album) - Replicant (YouTube)
Sequencer (Second album) - Stalker (YouTube)


It has been 30 years since the Dane Claus Larsen started his Leaether Strip project and released his debut on the now defunct Zoth Ommog label shortly afterwards. In addition to having more than a handful of side projects, this man has released already as many studio albums (30) under the Leaether Strip moniker.

No wonder he cant be ignored by dark music festivals and clubs from all over the world. That’s we he played already at BIMFEST 2009 and the BodyBeats Festival 2011. And this year he is returning to BIMFEST 2018 to celebrate Leaether Strips's 30th birthday with a special and exclusive birthday's and career overview show!


Leaether Strip - Dont you dare die on me - official video
Leæther Strip "Love me or die" Official video

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De Casino - St-Niklaas - B


14 + 15.12.2018 @ De Casino - St-Niklaas - B

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