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Dark Demo(n)s

'The most important thing in life is not victory but the battle, the essence is not to have won but to have fought well.'

YOU! If you have a band or musical project we will be happy to hear from you!
Both national as international bands are welcome. However, if you have to travel from abroad, keep in mind we can not reimburse travel costs and hotel costs as it would not be fair to local band. Artists who already played at BIMFEST are excluded from the Dark Demons nights for the next two years.

Every year again we receive A LOT of e-mails, messages and personal questions from people and bands asking us if they please can play one of our events. It's obvious there are much more bands and offers as there are possibilities to play, so we decided in 2016 to revive our Dark Demo(n)s concept.


The general idea behind these Dark Demo(n)s Nights is to offer bands the opportunity to present themselves to an audience under the best possible circumstances. That means on a proper stage, with professional lighting and sound and with an interested audience. A nice bonus for the participating bands is that the Dark Demons audience gets to vote which bands they would like to see again at our next BIMFEST.

What more?

Since 2017 we have also the full support of Peek-a-Boo Magazine who will interview every selected Dark Demons candidate.
What better to promote your band?!

Competition? NO! Opportunity YES!
We realize some bands might be are a bit reluctant about this concept but this is because they focus too much on the BIMFEST opener selection by the audience and tend see it as a contest with winners and losers. While they actually should be focussing on the opportunity to present themselves to their fans under the best possible circumstances! Maybe they can even manage to convince some new fans ! So what's there to lose?

Fair enough!?

Every (paying) visitor will get a personal voting bill. The audience vote system is set up in a way that everyone has to give every band at least one vote, rating the acts from 1 to 6. Uncompleted votes bills are considered void.

Your chances?
We can/will max select 6-8 candidates to play on the Dark Demons Night, so the chances of actually playing BIMFEST are 1/3 or 1/4... Imagine ... the horror! :D'

The past ...
In 2017 Alvar (SE) and ELM (SE/B) were selected and opened BIMFEST 2017 with great succes!

In 2016 Super Dragon Punch!! (B) and Euforic Existence (B) were selected to BIMFEST 2016.

So if you have a band/project that fits our BIMFEST and Dark Demons, subscribe as fast as you can by sending us your candidature and info at info(at) this domainname = bodybeats).

Below you can find the general conditions of our Dark Demons Night 2017 to give you an idea what to expect. Of course these 2017 rules will subject to minor changes.

Terms and Conditions - Candidate Dark Demons / Bimfest 2017 opener
- Your music must fit the Dark Demons and BIMFEST concept. BodyBeats productions has the right to refuse candidates.
- Be available on Saturday, June 17th for performance at the Dark Demons Night
- Be available on Friday 15 and/or Saturday, December 16th
- Be able to Build-up, sound-check and build-off the stage set-up within 20 min max.
- Set list may not exceed 30 minutes. No encores allowed!
- No guests (partners will be allowed for free but will get no voting bill).

How the six 'Dark Demon Nights" participants will be selected:
- Reply to this e-mail BEFORE March 1st 2017 with the words "Read, approved and signed, *personal name*, representing* Band Name*
- After receiving the confirmation e-mail BodyBeats will set-up a public voting poll on Facebook with all the participating band names on which everyone can freely vote for their favorite band (s) and from March 1st until March 31st.
- The first six artists, with the most votes, are selected to play the Dark Demons night on June 17th 2017.

Demons Dark Nights practical:
- PA system, basic lights & video projection will be provided by BodyBeats Productions.
- Sound technician & lighting technician will be provided by Body Beats Productions.
- Stage build-up and build-off must be done within 20 min.
- Max set length is 30 minutes!
- The running order will be determined by drawing lots one hour before doors open.
- No individual sound checks! Only a short line-check during change-over.
- After break-even is reached, each artist will offered to participate in the profits. Ie starting for paying visitor # 61. So the more fans you bring along, the more you can earn and the more votes you might get!
- Entrance VVK € 8 / @ Doors € 10

How will the BIMFEST 2017 openers be selected?
- Every paying visitor receives a voting form on which s/he has to record her/his appreciation for EACH of the participating artists. Max points for the best artist, 1 point for the least good artist. So every band will receive points from every person who’s attending. Incomplete voting forms will be considered void.

- The two artists with the most votes may open BIMFEST 2017. The artist with the most votes may choose their performing date (Friday/Saturday).

BIMFEST practical:

- Fee € 100 + catering + drinks
- No guest-list / only partners
- 30 min sound check
- Set length 30 min max
- No Hotel will be provided
- No travel cost costs
- No back-line will be provided

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