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Dark Demo(n)s 2017 (Archive)

Welcome to the Dark Demons 2017 page!
Below you can check-out the six Dark Demons who are ready to play and present themselves to you on our Dark Demons Night III, on Saturday June 17th @ Het Oude Badhuis, Antwerp.
Dark Demons Night III Facebook event

Interested to play our 2018 Dark Demons Night? Click here for more info!

Stockholm, Sweden
Gloomy-Dark- Electro-EBM

”Alvar: a room completely dark, pulsing. two shadows forcing you down on the lap of thrilling rhythms, furious loops and a feeling of total takeover of your souls. it’s just to surrender!” - J.Risberg (Hell On Wheels, Stumm/Risberg) about Alvar gig at Cantina Real - Stockholm.

“All ritualism end when Alvar knocks on your door with some new beats. Knocks evrything out.” Repartiseraren Blogzine

“Their formula consists of a gloomy electro contaminated EBM. Alvar ́s music, in addition, evokes Cold Meat Industry label-like gloomy atmospheres and hypnotic angstpop Haus Arafna-like frequencies... Screams sampled on a repetitive and obsessive electro bassline that evokes the best and classic The Klinik episodes...” Fluxproject, Blogzine Italy

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Vancouver, Canada

Arsenic Of Jabir is the project of Canadian-born artist Tristan F, now operating in Belgium; named for one of the elements synthesized by a medieval alchemist, an isotope seemingly rendered from thin air.

From a primitive laboratory, electronic atmospheres and mechanical rhythms provide a backdrop for an ominous voice - leaking through is a bit of 80's synthpop sheen, industrial discord and random chance; self-described as "Abstract Wave Music".

In addition to AOJ, Tristan is a freelance audio producer, engineer and sound designer.

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Poetic, raw and direct. A kunstmaschine with an international sound, an assault of lust, longing and rage.

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Ghent, Belgium
EBM etc

LLUMEN was formed somewhere in the first decade of the 21st century, the original 3man band was brought back to a one man project in 2009.

LLUMEN is the more structured part of Pieter Coussement's artistic output, who works as an artistic researcher at the Institute of Psychoacoustics and Electronic Music of the University of Ghent. In his daytime job he develops new user interfaces and instruments for electronic music, much of this knowledge is ported into the LLUMEN sound.

LLUMEN functions as a multimedia project too, where the boundries of electronic performance and music are crossed, making boid-based or particle drone embodied synths or even stuff he doesn't even has the permission to talk about.

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Lille, France

White noise, black light, cyber-larsen: VUDUVOX are a tense two-piece, forging radical electro groove with an attitude and politically un-correct lyrics whose motto could best be summed up as “no compromise, no surrender !”

Originating from rainy post-industrial Flanders, their pulsing bass sequences and minimal drum lines compete with electro-perx, android guitar riffs and angst-ridden vocals. But VUDUVOX are no clones and simply offer the sound of things to come. Needless to say, these two arrogant bastards are rather too cold, raw and uncompromising for the mellow French scene and play abroad as often as they can!

Their first album “Vaudou électrique”, released on EKP on Nov. 21st 2014, was pre-mixed by Dirk Da Davo of The Neon Judgement and mastered by Len Lemeire of Implant/32Crash and Maurizio Fasolo of Pankow.

On the sly, J-C -vox and machines- is also the frontman of French minimal electro act BUZZ.

When he was finally joined by Olivier T. -who also plays live electro-perx for GrandChaos and SA42- they decided it was time for a few musical readjustments and a name change. And VUDUVOX was born.

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X Mouth Syndrome
Lille, France
Electro-Punk / EBM

X MOUTH SYNDROME ( XMS ) is a musical project that began in 2008 at Dragan Vujcic’s initiative, leader of the band as singer, songwriter and producer.

X Mouth Syndrome is characterized by the meeting of various musical worlds such as EBM for powerful bass , synth pop for melodies and punk for energy and dynamic vocals. Its musical texture is original and unique because it feeds on what everyone can bring.

Dragan works with Liza (drums), Fred (keyboards+machines+lyrics) and Cédric (guitar) .

XMS began on stage with bands like Treponem Pal, CNK, Modern Cubism, Dalcan, Arnaud Rebotini, Nomenklatur, Combat Voice, Parade Ground, Darkmen, Shiny Darkness, Spaceboy …

X MOUTH SYNDROME also worked on some electro remixes for bands like BAK XIII, Dead Sexy Inc. Darkmen and has been remixed back by People Theatre, Nadaboys , Neutral Lies or Darkmen …

In 2014, XMS joins the EK Product Label under which it will release its upcoming production, the album “DIRTY GRACE”.

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