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DJ BORG DJ BORG is the DJ alter ego of Peter Mastbooms aka BORG. BORG entered the music scene as a DJ somewhere in 1985, spinning his favorite darkish electro and wave tunes at a local bar in his hometown. Due the overwhelming success of those nights the decision to open their own club was made soon after. BORG became resident DJ and co-founder of the now renowned cult and New -Wave club The Phantom in the North of Antwerp, Belgium. It’s on the attic of this club that he and some friends will start their first band called ‘The 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse’. It’s also in this club BORG will promotes his first concerts like for instance The Klinik and Insekt to name a few.

Around 1992, T4HOTA were revamped and renamed as 'The Lance of Allotment’. These bands knew enjoyed some local success and played as support for bands like DIE KRUPPS, DIVE and THE NEON JUDGEMENT. Not much later BORG became a regular sound engineer for bands like A SPLIT-SECOND, DIVE, INSEKT, THE KLINIK, SONAR, MONOLITH, THE NEON JUDGEMENT, NEON ELECTRONICS, SNOWY RED, IMPLANT, 32CRASH and occasionally also for HOCCICO, PORTION CONTROL, PROCEED, RABIA SORDA, SHEEP ON DRUGS, MARTIN DEGVILLE’S SIGUE SIGUE SPUTNIK, SERVERED HEADS, SUICIDE ... to name a few and became the resident DJ on the regular BODY BEATS parties, festivals and concerts.

In 2006 BORG joined those we don't speak about as a full band member, taking care of live video's, percussion, sampling and backing vocals.
When in 2010 paranoia & madness took over, BORG decided the time was ripe to abandon this project and concentrate more on his work with THE KLINIK (video/efx/keyboards) and as singer/composer for his own new project, THE JUGGERNAUTS.

BORG's DJ sets contain a mixture the best danceable weird shit you can find out there! Spinning and mixing a wide variety of genres going from from Elektro - Klash – Minimal - Alternative - Wave – Noise & Crossover Industrial and more!

DJ BORG assimilated many crowds on concerts, festivals and parties worldwide ...
A short selection:

Club Audio Delicatessen – Sao Paulo - Brazil
BIMFEST - Resident DJ - Antwerp - B (X15)
BodyBeats Night @ Klick Club – Berlin – D
Botanique - Brussels
Blue Hole – Budapest - Hungary
Club K17 – Berlin – D
Club Petrol - Antwerp - B
Dark Flower club - Berlin - D (X2)
Dour Festival – Dour - Belgium
Familientreffen IX – Sandersleben – D (X2)
Infest – Bradford - UK (2x)
Maschienenfest @Turbine Halle – Oberhausen - D
Reithalle / Bunker - Dresden - D
Via Underground @ Club Cambridge – Sao Paulo – Brazil
Tinnitus Festival – Stockholm – Sweden
Wave-Gothic-Treffen – Leipzig – D (5x)
Wroclaw Industrial Festival – Wroclaw - PL (2x)




Tabakvest 41
2000 Antwerpen

Mobile: +32 (0) 475 58 40 09
Fax: +32 (0) 3 303 63 35

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