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22.10 Bodies & Beats XIII - Feat RUE OBERKAMPF BIMFEST XXI @ De Casino - St-Niklaas - B Peek-a-oo Magazine #42 out Now! BODYBEATS PRODUCTIONS' WALL OF FAME ... SINCE 1985! PORNO KARAOKE + MILDREDA @ Djingel Djangel - Antwerp 15/09/2023 BODIES & BEATS XI feat. Monolith + PreEmptive Strike 0.1 05.10 BODIES & BEATS XI feat. Odonis Odonis + Choke Chain International EBM day 2024 Powered by VOLT Magazine!

>>>11.08 PORNO KARAOKE + Mildreda @ Djingel Djangel - Antwerp ><18.08 Bodies & Beats X @ Fetish Cafe - Antwerp > Feat. The Juggernauts - BHPL - Dreadfool - Deleritas <> 15.05 Bodies & Beats XI - Feat. MONOLITH + PreEmptive Strike 0.1 <> 05.10 Bodies & Beats feat. ODONIS ODONIS + Choke Chain<> All B&B event tickets are strictly Limited!!

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NEWS SUICIDE COMMANDO to replace F/M on International EBM day - 24.2.2023 - De Casino - B

SUICIDE COMMANDO to replace F/M on International EBM day - 24.2.2023 - De Casino - B

25 January 2023 11:50

To our great regret we learned yesterday FIXMER/MCCARTHY unfortunately has to cancel their European tour due to the cancelation of a major festival in Germany. Fortunately, in case of such last minute cancellations, we can always rely on many of our musical friends! This time on JOHAN VAN ROY with SUICIDE COMMANDO came (again) to rescue! Suicide Commando can be considered one of the most successful Belgian EBM export products since decades! At BIMFEST 2019 they blew the roof of De Casino and we have no doubt that they will succeed in this again at our International EBM day!

We're sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused but it was beyond our will so we hope we can still count on your support and looking forward to see you all at our International EBM day celebration!

More info & tickets on the link below!


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