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NEWS BIMFEST LINE-UP UPDATE - RADICAL G. to replace Sierra on Saturday 03.12

BIMFEST LINE-UP UPDATE - RADICAL G. to replace Sierra on Saturday 03.12

30 November 2022 13:57

We are very sorry to announce SIERRA will not be able to perform on our 20th edition of BIMFEST (Saturday). BUT we are delighted to say RADICAL G. agreed fill this void with a banging electro live set!

Unfortunately, we also received a cancellation from our sympathetic Swedish friend Nuclear Sludge (Friday), this due to unforeseen work circumstances. For practical reasons, and at the request of many, we have moved the Friday program forward 30 minutes so FRONT 242 can start at 23h, instead of 23h30.

We apologize for these unforeseen inconveniences but we are looking forward to see you all this weekend @ BIMFEST XX @ De Casino - St-Niklaas - B


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