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NEWS ELEMENTS (Ex-Red Zebra) confirmed as support for LAVVI EBBEL @ Kavka on June 20th

ELEMENTS (Ex-Red Zebra) confirmed as support for LAVVI EBBEL @ Kavka on June 20th

30 April 2014 17:23

ELEMENTS were founded in 2011 in Brugge, Belgium. They are a continuation of the legendary new wave band RED ZEBRA, with bass player Sam Claeys on lead vocals. Johan Isselée (drums, synths), Geert Maertens (guitar), and Chris 'Hazy' Deneve (guitar, synths) complete the line up.

Sam's melodic and eclectic vocals, as well as the landscaping synths layered on the repetitive (Red Zebra) drums and guitars, created a novel and interesting, but foremost beautiful, electro & guitar wave sound.
ELEMENTS produce a magnificent modern sound with a melancholic feel.

On their titleless maiden record several pearls such as 'Wisdom of Knowing', 'Renegade', and 'Undecided' emerged as Sirens of a new dawn for the band. Songs such as 'Weak and Lost' provide a propelling drive and will sound familiar at live gigs. 

The record was home recorded and mixed by Johan Isselée, Steven Lorie (Mensen Blaffen) and Peter Van Mulders (Cinq Chevaux, live mix ELEMENTS), and gratiously mastered at Abbey Road studios by Adam Nunn ( who also did Radiohead, TV on The Radio, The Human League to name a few... )

. With ELEMENTS these Ex-Red Zebra men are ready to dwell across Belgian and European roads again.

20.06 Lavvi Ebbel + Elements @ Kavka - Antwerp (Facebook event)
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NEWS New BodyBeats event confirmed! 20.06 Lavvi Ebbel @ Kavka - Antwerp

New BodyBeats event confirmed! 20.06 Lavvi Ebbel @ Kavka - Antwerp

01 April 2014 17:48

Lavvi Ebbel was without doubt one of the most controversial bands of the Belgian New-Wave movement. In the early '80, the band gained the attentions of many with their successful singles like 'Give Me a Gun' and 'Victoria'. The band soon gained a solid live reputation and combination of guitarists (Marc De Wit and Chris Van Ransbeeck), pianist (Bea Van Ransbeeck), drummer Eric White, singer Luckas Vander Taelen, backing vocalist Kristien D' Haeger, backed by the brass player Jan Weuts gave them an unique and original sound.

Lavvi Ebbel played 'only' 200 times in Belgium and the Netherlands , both in small clubs and at prestigious festivals such as Seaside. On the compilation album 'Get Sprouts' which was a true sample of the music from that period Lavvi Ebbel released 'No Place To Go', a highlight in collaboration with producer Jean-Marie Aerts. 'Albu Meth' is probably the most famous mini-LP, with the cult song 'Le Cafard'. The group ceased to exist in 1983.

Now, 30 years later Lavvi Ebbel is back in the original line-up, reinforced with Kloot Per W on bass.

In the spring of 2014 Starman Records releases a compilation LP / CD with the greatest hits of Lavvi Ebbel, live recordings from 1983 and 2013, as well as a rousing remix of "Victoria" by none other than Buscemi.

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NEWS Dive & The Juggernauts @ Out Of Line Weekender - Berlin

Dive & The Juggernauts @ Out Of Line Weekender - Berlin

21 March 2014 13:26

On Friday 28th of March Dive & The Juggernauts will be performing at the renowned 3rd Out Of Line Weekender festival.

In 2012, Dive already played the 1st edition of this festival while promoting the Dive -Box, a limited edition 8CD book/box collectors item, containing the complete back-catalogue which was released on Out Of Line and sold-out quickly.

The Juggernauts played the OOL festival already last year, promoting their first ever release, the limited edition Digi-pack EP 'Phoenix' on 666 numbered copies. Also their release was almost sold out within the year.

This year, Out Of Line decided to make the first nigh of the festival an almost Belgian Band exclusive one! Other bands performing on Friday night 28th are Suicide Commando and Signal Aout '42, all signed to Out Of Line.

On Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th of March another broad variety of successful Out Of Line Bands are playing, such as Flesh & Fell, Combichrist, Blutengel, STAUBKIND, Combichrist The Birthday Massacre, Lord Of The Lost, OST+FRONT, Ashbury Heights, Chrom, Rabia Sorda, Accessory and many more...


NEWS New Portion Control & Numb releases on Minimal Maximal!!!

New Portion Control & Numb releases on Minimal Maximal!!!

25 February 2014 10:35

Belgian MINIMAL-MAXIMAL records (a Sublabel of Dirk Ivens's renowned Daft Records) presents us two brandnew releases:
PORTION CONTROL – Unrest In The Grime (MM013 LP+CD) Release-date March 28 2014
NUMB – The Valence Of Noise (MM014 LP+CD) Releasedate March 28 2014

A selection of outtakes and unreleased demo’s from this U.K electronic cultband.
In a collectors limited edition of 500 hand-numbered vinyl copies , no re-press.
This album includes a FREE cd version, that will not be sold separatly !!



Pre – listening and short bio :


NUMB – The Valence Of Noise MM014

All their hard to find compilation tracks for the first time compiled on one album.
In a collectors limited edition of 500 hand-numbered vinyl copies , no re-press.
This album includes a FREE cd version that will not be sold separatly !!

A1. SHITHAMMER (dread & bled mix)
A2. EUGENE (Pickaxe mix by Pig and Andrew Burton)
A3. WON’T YOU BE MY NEIGHBOR (theme from Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood)
A4. BLOOD ( crash and burn edit )

B2. BLIND (hyper dilated mix)

Pre – listening and short bio :

Backcatalogue and/or available from MINIMAL MAXIMAL :
MM012LP CLOSE CIRCUIT CONNECTION II - Various Wave/ Electro artists
MM011EP SECTION 25 – Invicta Max.
MM010LP FRONT 242 – Transmission SE 91. (Sold Out)
MM009LP THE NEON JUDGEMENT – We never said you’re no good.
MM008LP PARADE GROUND - The 15th Floor.
MM007LP A SPLIT SECOND – Stained Impressions. (Sold Out)
MM005DLP VITA NOCTIS – Against The Rule.
MM004LP CLOSE CIRCUIT CONNECTION – Various Belgian Wave/Electro artists. (Sold Out)
MM003LP ABSOLUTE BODY CONTROL – Mindless Intrusion. (Sold Out)
MM002LP SHADOWS IN THE DARK – Various Belgian wave/electro artists. (Sold Out)
MM001LP ABSOLUTE BODY CONTROL – Wind(Re)Wind. (Sold Out)


NEWS Concert review: The Juggernauts + Front 242 @ Matrix (04.02.2014)

Concert review: The Juggernauts + Front 242 @ Matrix (04.02.2014)

17 February 2014 16:59

"Pounding beats, monumental synth sequences, a vigorous background and strong shouting vocals create an electronic cocktail in the typical Belgian old-school style. A way of making music, BORG as a live member of The Klinik, is very familiar with. The danceable aggression that arises in this sound mixture is presented by the two musicians with a large dose of coolness. With helmet and dark goggles BORG and Glenn seem to embody the comic villain With the same name. The audience felt well entertained and started to dance. The Juggernauts did a good job warming EBM crowd up and getting them to move their bodies." (translated from

More pictures here!
Read the full (German) review here!




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