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22.10 Bodies & Beats XIII - Feat RUE OBERKAMPF BODYBEATS PRODUCTIONS' WALL OF FAME ... SINCE 1985! BIMFEST XXI @ De Casino - St-Niklaas - B Powered by VOLT Magazine! International EBM day 2024 Peek-a-oo Magazine #42 out Now! 15/09/2023 BODIES & BEATS XI feat. Monolith + PreEmptive Strike 0.1

>>>11.08 PORNO KARAOKE + Mildreda @ Djingel Djangel - Antwerp ><18.08 Bodies & Beats X @ Fetish Cafe - Antwerp > Feat. The Juggernauts - BHPL - Dreadfool - Deleritas <> 15.05 Bodies & Beats XI - Feat. MONOLITH + PreEmptive Strike 0.1 <> 05.10 Bodies & Beats feat. ODONIS ODONIS + Choke Chain<> All B&B event tickets are strictly Limited!!

NEWS An Interview with Adam Ant on Peek-a-Boo magazine!

An Interview with Adam Ant on Peek-a-Boo magazine!

03 December 2012 18:09

Our befriended independent music magazine and Partner Peek-a-Boo published an interview with Adam Ant. Click the link below and find out what you can expect this Friday night!


NEWS 'Damaged Illusions' by The Juggernauts featured on Machineries of Joy - Vol. 5

'Damaged Illusions' by The Juggernauts featured on Machineries of Joy - Vol. 5

30 October 2012 15:14

Our rising stars THE JUGGERNAUTS were invited yet again by Out Of Line to contribute a track to one of their most favorite compilation series and one that already hits its fifth installment. Meticulously assembled, “Machineries Of Joy Vol. 5” will be released as a double CD with a selection of the most important bands and the best newcomers from the international Gothic- and Electro-scene, most of them contributing previously unreleased tracks or remixes … and all that at the sensational price point of an album CD!

Besides 'Damaged Illusions' by The Juggernauts, it features some of the most important names in the scene, from Blutengel, Hocico, Combichrist, Staubkind, Lord Of The Lost, Suicide Commando, Kirlian Camera, Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio, Solitary Experiments and Icon Of Coil right up to Rummelsnuff, Pankow, Signal Aout ’42 plus an exquisite selection of newcomers and glittering freaks, from the shooting stars CHROM, OST+FRONT and Officers to really fresh faces, such as Meinhard or Too Dead To Die. The entire package will be released as a jam-packed double CD at the sensationally low price point of an album CD. Here is your way out of the daily compilation grind… Machineries Of Joy Vol. 5 – not like the other!

Click this link for for more info & full tracklisting


NEWS Original Test Dept members present: TEST DEPT:Redux @ BIMFEST 2012

Original Test Dept members present: TEST DEPT:Redux @ BIMFEST 2012

13 October 2012 16:38

With Test Dept:Redux headlining our first BIMFEST day (Friday, December 14th) we think the information below (taken from the official Test Dept website) might be very interesting to you!

Test Dept: Redux is conceived as a club based EBM (Electronic Body Music) intense music & visual performance experience.

Titled 'UFoF:v2' the performance is a live re-mix and re-imagining by the two founder members of Test Dept - Paul Jamrozy and Graham Cunnington – the tracks performed are taken from Test Dept's own sound and visual archive from their classic agitprop 1986 album ‘The Unacceptable Face of Freedom’* and earlier material.

Originally UFoF was an expression of the rage and frustration felt by a large section of society towards the brutal policies and consequences of the UK's Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher (1979>1990), which has now, once again, gained a powerful relevance to our current circumstances within the wider globalised economic and militaristic order in these recession hit times.

The performance reworks political themes for the new millennium and bringing up to date the methods and techniques that made Test Dept pioneers of a highly original and radical approach to music creation and found sound collage.

TD:R create a dense, powerful, vibrant soundtrack for our time, utilising sound and image samples from the extensive Test Dept back-catalogue; enhanced with new sounds, audio-visual documentation, and the duo's live vocals and percussion. Their channelling of the personal anger and frustration they still experience remains as potent and caustic as before.

Following the melt down of the West's banking infrastructure, and the revelation of the consequences of corporate greed and free-market 'shock therapy' tactics, it is an apt time to revisit the radicalism of Test Dept's dystopian vision of the future as laid out in the seminal album, The Unacceptable Face of Freedom.

* "The Unacceptable Face of Freedom", was the pejorative term used by Thatcher's Home Secretary Leon Britton during the 1984/5 miner's strike. The right of people to protect their jobs and futures was seen as a liberty too far by the right wing political establishment of the time.



NEWS ADAM ANT - Blueblack Hussar Tour 2012 @ Zappa - Antwerp - B

ADAM ANT - Blueblack Hussar Tour 2012 @ Zappa - Antwerp - B

25 September 2012 08:14

Adam and the Ants started as part of the burgeoning punk rock movement. His debut as a recording artist was the song "Deutscher Girls", which featured on the film's soundtrack, along with "Plastic Surgery" which was performed in the film itself, and was re-released as a single in 1982. The band toured extensively around the UK, but proved to be unpopular with much of the British music press who disliked their fetishistic lyrics and imagery. Late 1979 saw the release of their début album Dirk Wears White Sox (1979).

Adam approached Malcolm McLaren (the manager of The Sex Pistols) and asked him to manage the band. McLaren subsequently stole the rest of the Ants from under Adam's feet when he introduced the singer Annabella Lwin and began the process of honing Bow Wow Wow for chart success. A new version of Adam and the Ants was formed and the band signed a major label deal with CBS Records and recorded Kings of the Wild Frontier during the summer of 1980. That album was an enormous hit in the United Kingdom and the "Antmania" that ensued put the band at the forefront of the New Romantic movement. The single "Antmusic" went to No. 2 on the U.K. singles chart by December 1980.

In November 1981, Adam & the Ants released another highly successful album, Prince Charming. The album featured two United Kingdom No. 1 singles — "Stand and Deliver" and the title track "Prince Charming" — as well as the No. 3 UK hit "Ant Rap". This trio of singles were promoted by some of the most lavish music videos of the period, and paved the way for Adam Ant's later acting career.

Since 2010 Adam Ant is back with extensive UK & US tours and many sold out shows.

Georgie Girl and her Poussez Posse will be the supporting band!

Don't miss out on this exclusive Belgian and extravagant clubshow and order your tickets here!

Presale: 28
Doors: 35


NEWS PETER HOOK & The Light + TEST DEPT headline BIMFEST 2012!!!

PETER HOOK & The Light + TEST DEPT headline BIMFEST 2012!!!

22 September 2012 08:11

We are happy to finally announce you the last, but not least, names for 2012 BIMFEST!

TRUE ZEBRA: The solo project of electro wizard Kevin Strauwen!

TEST DEPT:Redux : An exclusive 2012 and world premiere comeback clubshow! Original members Paul Jamrozy and Graham Cunnington will take you on a mulimedia travel through their early Test Departments work!

PETER HOOK & THE LIGHT: Joy Division's original bass player Peter Hook and his band The Light will play the complete and legendary Joy Division album 'UNKNOWN PLEASURES' and more!

Buy your combi tickets before October 1st and save € 15!
— bij


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