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NEWS First ever tape release of A SPLIT-SECOND 'Stained Impressions' re-released!

First ever tape release of A SPLIT-SECOND 'Stained Impressions' re-released!

12 March 2012 11:13

In combination with their growing 2012 Tour, we are happy to present A SPLIT-SECONDS new release
“ STAINED IMPRESSIONS ” MM007LP, out on MINIMAL>< MAXIMAL (Release : March 24 , 2012)

This will be a vilyl only release in a limited edition of 520 hand-numbered copies, 180 gram vinyl, plus insert. The first 200 copies will be pressend on white vinyl!
Soundsamples are available on their bandpage on this site!

1984 was a pivotal year for A Split-Second. Originally a new wave high-school band playing covers
and a few own compositions, the first line-up disbanded as composer, singer and bass player Marc
Ickx went more electronic with a primitive sequencer and drum computer.
Without previous studio experience, he started recording “STAINED IMPRESSIONS”, a demo tape
recorded in single takes with cassette-to-cassette overdubs.

In between recordings he met with Chrismar Chayell, an old classmate who had a small multi-track
recording studio. Chayell had already recorded among others the full length TWILIGHT RITUAL album
“The Ritual”, and offered to produce and record five of the songs at his studio. The first five songs on
“STAINED IMPRESSIONS” were recorded there. Chayell also arranged and played a keybord part on
“TEARGAS AND CHAMPAGNE”, marking the beginning of what was to come for A Split-Second.

The songs also mark a transition, songs like “HUNGER” and “NEUROBEAT” were written by Ickx for the
previous line-up, of which “NEUROBEAT” was the only song to make it to the debut album “BALLISTIC
STATUES”. From the other songs, parts of titles and lyrics were picked up for later material, and
“RESIGNATION” was the blueprint for “RIGOR MORTIS”. Most of the other songs are largely improvised
in a search for the new direction Ickx’ songwriting was heading for.

Largely raw and primitive, “STAINED IMPRESSIONS” provides an interesting look into the genesis of one
of the most influential alternative electronic bands of the 80’s, and the variety and experimentation that marked this era.

23.03.12 A Split-Second @ Nieuwe Nor - Heerlen – NL
24.03.12 A Split-Second + DAF + more @ 10 years Electric Tremor / BeatClub, Dessau, D
05.05.12 A Split-Second + more @ Bodybeats Fest / Zappa, Antwerp, B
25.08.12 A Split-Second + more @ Infest Festival / University, Bradford, UK

More dates TBC


NEWS A SPLIT-SECOND confirmed @ INFEST 2012!

A SPLIT-SECOND confirmed @ INFEST 2012!

04 March 2012 16:34

We are pleased to announce that also A Split-Second has been confirmed to play on the renowned INFEST festival in Bradford UK. For both The Klinik, who where confirmed already before, and A Split-Second it will be their first gig EVER in the UK. A Split-Second will play on 25.08, the second day of this three day festival, together with bands like KMFDM and many more!

For more info and updates click the link below!


NEWS The Juggernauts reveal another track from their upcoming album!

The Juggernauts reveal another track from their upcoming album!

29 February 2012 15:28

Just to prove they are still alive and kicking but also on huge demand of their fast growing fan-base The Juggernauts decided to release another track from their upcoming album.

Meanwhile the band was interviewed by Peek-A-Boo magazine and it can be found here!

The new track can be heard on the link below!


NEWS True Zebra added to BODYBEATS FEST 2012 line-up!

True Zebra added to BODYBEATS FEST 2012 line-up!

25 February 2012 12:01

We are very pleased to announce that True Zebra was added to our final BBF 2012 line-up!

True Zebra is the solo project Kevin Strauwen, an Antwerp based musician, songwriter, engineer and producer who received amazing reviews with his official self-released digital debut album as True Zebra.

Conceived as rock but mistaken with electronic tries and techniques, True Zebra transmutes an alternative view into the electro rock scene with tight-grooves, industrial-esque rhythms and spookish melodies.


NEWS Neon Electronics releases FREE download 'Les Enfants Du Paradis’!

Neon Electronics releases FREE download 'Les Enfants Du Paradis’!

11 February 2012 14:30

To celebrate the digital release of Neon ElectronicsKeylogger 01 EP’ on Dancedelic Digital and the physical release of the ‘Keylogger’ album, NE’s Dirk Da Davo offers fans this free download.

Les Enfants Du Paradis’ is a rework of a track that was originally composed in 2007 on the Neon Electronics’ album, 'Monkey Ever After'. This reworking has never been released.

Neon Electronics ‘Keylogger 01 EP’ featuring remixes from Millimetric, Radical G and Action Nano is released on 30th January.

Click the link below to download the track!


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