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BODYBEATS PRODUCTIONS' WALL OF FAME ... SINCE 1985! 15/09/2023 BODIES & BEATS XI feat. Monolith + PreEmptive Strike 0.1 BIMFEST XXI @ De Casino - St-Niklaas - B PORNO KARAOKE + MILDREDA @ Djingel Djangel - Antwerp International EBM day 2024 Peek-a-oo Magazine #42 out Now! Powered by VOLT Magazine! 22.10 Bodies & Beats XIII - Feat RUE OBERKAMPF 05.10 BODIES & BEATS XI feat. Odonis Odonis + Choke Chain

>>>11.08 PORNO KARAOKE + Mildreda @ Djingel Djangel - Antwerp ><18.08 Bodies & Beats X @ Fetish Cafe - Antwerp > Feat. The Juggernauts - BHPL - Dreadfool - Deleritas <> 15.05 Bodies & Beats XI - Feat. MONOLITH + PreEmptive Strike 0.1 <> 05.10 Bodies & Beats feat. ODONIS ODONIS + Choke Chain<> All B&B event tickets are strictly Limited!!

NEWS MINIMAL MAXIMAL presents : SECTION 25 Invicta Max MM011

MINIMAL MAXIMAL presents : SECTION 25 Invicta Max MM011

27 May 2013 16:49

First available as a 4 track download-only ep “Invicta” through Peter Hook’s Hacienda Records,

now exclusive released as a 10inch expended with unreleased material and an outstanding remix

done by Absolute Body Control on the vinyl only label Minimal Maximal.

In a collectors limited edition of 400 hand-numbered copies , chrystal clear vinyl, no re-press.

Mailorder and wholesale at Releasedate : June 28 , 2013

Tracklisting and info at MINIMAL MAXIMAL , a sublabel from

A1: Colour,Movement,Sex and Violence (Songmix) 3:22

A2: Inner Drive (Chaosmix) 4:56

A3: Microgroove (Songmix) 2:50

B1: Colour,Movement,Sex and Violence (alternative mix) 3:56

B2: Inner Drive (songmix) 3:48

B3: Microgroove (Absolute Body Control remix) 4:06

Pre – listen on the link below!

“Metamorphosing from the most nihilistic group ever into progenitors of House, Blackpool’s SXXV are,

inevitably, one of the groups of this very post-punk moment” (Chris Bohn, The Wire magazine)

“There were only three bands that ever made money on Factory and S25 was one of them” Peter Hook

“An amazing band and leagues ahead of everyone else.” John Robb

“I love the new Section 25 single. Pure, raw pop music that brings a massive smile to my face. The most delightful thing I’ve heard in ages and highly addictive too! “ Graeme Park

“Every band needs a gimmick. And your gimmick is, you don’t have one.” Rob Gretton

“Why can’t all pop music sound this good? Listening to ‘Dark Light’ reaffirmed that music has the power to enrich, the power to lift the spirit – this really does fill you with a warm rosy glow, and compels you in an almost infantile fashion to spin around on some imagined dance floor.The new album displays the bands innate understanding of electronic hook laden pop, underpinned by a subtle techno bpm and refined yet emotive vocals. Dark Light should propel Section 25 deep into the public consciousness” Phil Newall, Louder Than War


NEWS What You Hear Is What You Get! Official Front 242/The Neon Judgement/Radical G after party !

What You Hear Is What You Get! Official Front 242/The Neon Judgement/Radical G after party !

23 May 2013 17:47

Don't miss the official afterparty of the Front 242/The Neon Judgement/Radical G. event @ Den Amer Diest!
With DJ BORG @ the machines from 02:00 to Dusk!
Spinning Electo/EBM/Wave and other danceable weird shit!


NEWS New Lizard Smile EP 'State Of Void' now available!

New Lizard Smile EP 'State Of Void' now available!

10 May 2013 15:13

We are pleased to say Lizard Smile's 3rd CD release is now available trough Wool-E shop and from our merch booth when present.

STATE OF VOID (Digi-pack)


1.State of Void 5’08”
2.Exit 6’34"
3.Damage 5’48”
4.The Last One 3’20”
5.Kitchen Floored 6’11”



NEWS AAAK & Darkmen on first BodyBeats Redux Night on 06.09 @ Kavka - Antwerp

AAAK & Darkmen on first BodyBeats Redux Night on 06.09 @ Kavka - Antwerp

17 April 2013 21:28

We are proud to announce our first BodyBeats Redux night @ Kavka with 2 live performances and afterparty! On our first edition we have invited no-one less than AAAK & Darkmen!

AAAK (as Able As Kane), an electro/crossover band who made their debut already in 1989 and soon after releasing their debute EP 'Buildingscapebeat', they released their first full album 'Big Fist' on the legendary Belgian label KK records in 1990. In 2011, after more then a decade of silence, the band resurfaced with a new EP ‘Out Here’ and some live actions in and around Europe and appearances at BodyBeat festival and BIMFEST 2011. Last year, their second album ‘Totalitarian Tip-Toe’ was released on the Electric Tremor Dessau label. Short after, the band got the attention of no one less than the Red Hot Chili Peppers who invited AAAK to support them on their 2012 European tour making them play in front of audiences up to 77.000 people. Spurred by the success and the massive positive feedback the band worked on a 13 track 2CD named ‘Buildingscape Beat XXV’, herewith also celebrating the 25th birthday of their first release ‘Buildingscapebeat’.

Darkmen is a Belgian EBM duo Franky Deblomme (voice – music & lyrics) and Thomas Vrambout (drums & lyrics). Amongst their biggest influences are Depeche Mode, Front242 , and of course EBM. With a through and through old school sound they create songs with the use of vintage 80′s synthesizer combined with some of the new available gear. During 2005 Darkmen records a handful of demos and decides not to remain a studio band, but to highlight their massive electronics on stage. By doing some warm applauded gigs across Europe, from Antwerp to Marseille, over Sandersleben to Leipzig they baffle friend and enemy with a wall of aggression crashing into each listeners ear. The story continues with a full album, ‘Guilty By Association’ (2009) and ‘Living On Borrowed Time’ (2012).

ELEKTRO - WAVE - EBM - INDUSTRIAL afterpary with danceable weird shit spun by DJ BORG & DJ BOYTRONIK

Doors: 20:00

Tickets: €10 (presale) / € 15 (@doors)


NEWS Tonight! HENKE + AROMA DI AMORE + DARK POEM @ Zappa - Antwerp!

Tonight! HENKE + AROMA DI AMORE + DARK POEM @ Zappa - Antwerp!

06 April 2013 09:37

HENKE (Exclusive Belgian show!)
HENKE is the new band from Oswald Henke, the mastermind of Goethes Erben. With a skillful blend of alternative and gothic elements HENKE is extremely diverse. Live they bring you the perfext mix of classics from Goethes Erben, Erblast & Artwork as well as music from their ravishing first album "Seelenfütterung" and brand new material from the upcoming second album "Maskenball der Nackten".

Aroma di Amore have always been outsiders, even within the confinement of the alternative rock circuit. Their peculiar blend of raw guitars, electronics, Dutch lyrics and unconventional song structures was too hybrid for many. Those however who, without prejudice, would lend an ear to the band’s music, discovered an energetic, authentic and uncompromising collective that stood above all trends. From beginning to end the nucleus of Aroma di Amore consisted of Elvis Peeters, who in an uninimitable, possessed way delivered his highly original lyrics, and Fred Angst, guitarist mastering the heaviest riffs as well as refined tapestries of sound.

Faerie-lectro from Antwerp, Belgium. Their music is a reflection of the unconcious, the wondrous world of dreams, shadows and desires. Dark Poem wants to tell a story, discover reality behind reality and bring more beauty and wonder in this, sometimes ugly an miserable, world. Their songs can be a key with which the listener can open the door to his own inner magic world.

19:00 Doors
20:00 Dark Poem (45 min)
21:00 Aroma Di Amore (90 min)
23:00 Henke (100min)
01:00 Afterparty with DJ BORG & DJ ALBI

€25 @ the doors / still available!



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