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11.05 Porno Karaoke @ La Boule Du Centre - Tournai - B Powered by VOLT Magazine! 27.10 Leaether Strip (Zoth Ommog set) + support @ Fetish Cafe, Antwerp, B Peek-a-booo Magazine 45 24.05 BODIES & BEATS XV feat. LESCURE 13 + 31st TILE + PORNO KARAOKE @ Fetish Cafe - Antwerp - B Belgian Beats @ The Black Lab with A Split-Second, The Juggernauts, Stin Scatzor & Porno Karaoke 01.03.24 THE JUGGERNAUTS @ Porta Nigra 26.10 Leaether Strip (Dirty & Sleazy) + Bdsm performances @ Fetish Cafe, Antwerp, B

01.03.24 THE JUGGERNAUTS + FRONT 242 + NITZER EBB - Stadsfeestzaal Aarschot >>> >>>24.03.24 Bodies & Beats XII @ Fetish Cafe - Antwerp feat. RUE OBERKAMPF > SOLD OUT!<<<<<< A Split-Second + The Juggernauts + Porno Karaoke + Stin Scatzor @ The Black Lab - Lille - FR >>><<< PORNO KARAOKE @ La Boule Du Centre - Tournai - B<<<>>> 24.05 Bodies & Beats XV with LESCURE 13 + PORNO KARAOKE + 31st TILE @ Fetish Café - Antwerp - B<<<

NEWS Concert review: The Juggernauts + Front 242 @ Matrix (04.02.2014)

Concert review: The Juggernauts + Front 242 @ Matrix (04.02.2014)

17 February 2014 16:59

"Pounding beats, monumental synth sequences, a vigorous background and strong shouting vocals create an electronic cocktail in the typical Belgian old-school style. A way of making music, BORG as a live member of The Klinik, is very familiar with. The danceable aggression that arises in this sound mixture is presented by the two musicians with a large dose of coolness. With helmet and dark goggles BORG and Glenn seem to embody the comic villain With the same name. The audience felt well entertained and started to dance. The Juggernauts did a good job warming EBM crowd up and getting them to move their bodies." (translated from

More pictures here!
Read the full (German) review here!


NEWS ANNE CLARK featuring herrB (UK/D) + Support: SIMI NAH (B) @ Zappa

ANNE CLARK featuring herrB (UK/D) + Support: SIMI NAH (B) @ Zappa

05 February 2014 14:47

We are extremely proud to announce you:

ANNE CLARK featuring herrB (UK/D) - Support: SIMI NAH (B)

Anne Clark gets back to her roots for "live" shows in 2014, with her new electro duo project in collaboration with German musician and producer herrB. The show will include classic Anne Clark hits from the 80s such as “Sleeper in Metropolis,” “Our Darkness,” “Wallies,” “Hope Road,” and others, as well as material from her current ep Fairytales from the Underground and upcoming ep Life Wires.

Live performances will also feature an amazing light and visuals element by light designer Rick Kay (Alphaville) who also provided the mesmerising light show for Anne's 2009 performance at the Sinner´s Day Festival.

After touring with her band for the last 13 years and selling out venue capacites from 500 to over 1000 across Europe, Anne Clark is getting back to the electro duo line-up which made her famous. With the release of “Sleeper in Metropolis” (1983) and “Our Darkness” (1984), Anne Clark hooked a generation with her unique spoken word accompanied by danceable electro grooves. This sound and style became a staple of wave and EBM DJ sets across the world and remains a mainstay to this day.

This live show features Anne Clark on vocals accompanied by herrB´s 80's influenced but totally current danceable electro tracks.

Official Anne Clark YouTube Channel:

Fairytales from the Underground Soundcloud Link:

Anne Clark is bringing electro back to audiences who have loved and audiences who have not yet discovered Anne Clark and electronic dance music.


20:00 Doors
20:25 Simi Nah
21:30 Anne Clark
23:00 Afterparty beats with DJ BORG
03:00 curfew



NEWS A Split-Second kicks ass in NYC 'Rigor Mortis Still Hasn't Set In After 25 Years'

A Split-Second kicks ass in NYC 'Rigor Mortis Still Hasn't Set In After 25 Years'

14 December 2013 18:09

Last weekend, two of our legendary BodyBeats bands, A SPLIT-SECOND & CRASH COURSE IN SCIENCE played the Big Apple or New-York City! Over 25 years ago these two bands already started to shape the sound of electronic music as we know it today... .
Read their NYC gig review and find out these innovators still know how to kick-ass today![pageGallery]/2


NEWS An interview with THE KLINIK on Peek-a-Boo Magazine

An interview with THE KLINIK on Peek-a-Boo Magazine

28 November 2013 18:38

"It's nice to find out that THE KLINIK is known worldwide and we can play everywhere, because making music and playing live is the reason to continue."
(read more here)


NEWS Peek-a-Boo interviewed LESCURE 13 (Playing @ BIMFEST 2013 Day 1)

Peek-a-Boo interviewed LESCURE 13 (Playing @ BIMFEST 2013 Day 1)

08 October 2013 15:07

Our partners from Peek-a-Boo magazine had a interview with Stefan Bens (Stin Scatzor) and Johan Van Roy (Suicide Commando) about the resurrection of their pre-suicide Commando project LESCURE 13.

LESCURE 13 will play our BIMFEST 2013 on the 1st day 1 - Friday December 20th, together with No Sleep By The Machine, Implant, The Klinik & Arbeid Adelt!

Read the interview on the link below!


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