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26.10 Leaether Strip (Dirty & Sleazy) + Bdsm performances @ Fetish Cafe, Antwerp, B 24.05 BODIES & BEATS XV feat. LESCURE 13 + 31st TILE + PORNO KARAOKE @ Fetish Cafe - Antwerp - B 27.10 Leaether Strip (Zoth Ommog set) + support @ Fetish Cafe, Antwerp, B Belgian Beats @ The Black Lab with A Split-Second, The Juggernauts, Stin Scatzor & Porno Karaoke Peek-a-booo Magazine 46 11.05 Porno Karaoke @ La Boule Du Centre - Tournai - B Powered by VOLT Magazine!

01.03.24 THE JUGGERNAUTS + FRONT 242 + NITZER EBB - Stadsfeestzaal Aarschot >>> >>>24.03.24 Bodies & Beats XII @ Fetish Cafe - Antwerp feat. RUE OBERKAMPF > SOLD OUT!<<<<<< A Split-Second + The Juggernauts + Porno Karaoke + Stin Scatzor @ The Black Lab - Lille - FR >>><<< PORNO KARAOKE @ La Boule Du Centre - Tournai - B<<<>>> 24.05 Bodies & Beats XV with LESCURE 13 + PORNO KARAOKE + 31st TILE @ Fetish Café - Antwerp - B<<<

NEWS The Juggernauts release new EP FEAR!

The Juggernauts release new EP FEAR!

01 December 2022 17:08

Finally! The wait is over! Belgian contemporary, uncompromising and hard hitting electro band The Juggernauts strike hard again! Six years after their renowned debut album “The Juggernauts Are Coming” the helmeted rejuvenators of the classic Electronic Body Music sound unleash their brand new six track EP FEAR! Six great unreleased tracks driven by pounding drum machines, rumbling low frequencies, rousing sequencers, Industrial noises and bittersweet synth melodies accompany head and voice BORG while he shouts all the anger, cynicism and social criticism out of his system. Six tracks of which four brand new songs and two breathtaking remixes of the title track. Make no mistake, the Fear C-19 EBM remix by BORG and pumping Fear Club remix by True Zebra can truly be considered as genuine standalone songs!

Most songs on these EP were tried, tested, fine-tuned and approved by their fans thoroughly during the band's recent live concerts and now these songs are finally available to enjoy at will!

Just like their previous releases these tracks blast from the speakers like an unstoppable destructive force, hence the band's name... While The Juggernauts still share the spirit of bands like Front 242, Nitzer Ebb or even Portion Control, they still manage quite well to steer away from the retro-trap and copycat syndrome, providing the epitome of underground dance music with a refreshingly harsh and modern approach.

It's clear The Juggernauts are determined to continuing the renaissance of Electronic Body Music!

Get the new EP on their bandcamp page:


NEWS BIMFEST LINE-UP UPDATE - RADICAL G. to replace Sierra on Saturday 03.12

BIMFEST LINE-UP UPDATE - RADICAL G. to replace Sierra on Saturday 03.12

30 November 2022 13:57

We are very sorry to announce SIERRA will not be able to perform on our 20th edition of BIMFEST (Saturday). BUT we are delighted to say RADICAL G. agreed fill this void with a banging electro live set!

Unfortunately, we also received a cancellation from our sympathetic Swedish friend Nuclear Sludge (Friday), this due to unforeseen work circumstances. For practical reasons, and at the request of many, we have moved the Friday program forward 30 minutes so FRONT 242 can start at 23h, instead of 23h30.

We apologize for these unforeseen inconveniences but we are looking forward to see you all this weekend @ BIMFEST XX @ De Casino - St-Niklaas - B


NEWS BODIES & BEATS VI - Halloween Edition with Rabbits Wear Boots & Brainquake!

BODIES & BEATS VI - Halloween Edition with Rabbits Wear Boots & Brainquake!

16 September 2022 18:25

We are happy to announce another Bodies & Beats event @ the cosy and lovely Fetish café in Antwerp. This sixth edition will be a special Halloween edition with two amazing pounding Belgian underground electro bands, RABBITS WEAR BOOTS (Hybrids side project from Sandy Nys) and BRAINQUAKE. Both bands recently played a mind-blowing set at Sewerfest (De Wommel).Of course a afterparty with our resident DJ BORG is inevitable!

As some of you might know by now, the capacity of Fetish Café is very limited so order your tickets now before it's sold-out!

More info and tickets on the link below!


NEWS Important notice! The Show must go on!

Important notice! The Show must go on!

08 September 2022 12:27

As you all have noticed, something rotten is going on in live concert land. Here at BodyBeats Production we can also feel it hitting very hard … but the sad fact is, and with all respect of the decision made by those involved, all these recent cancellations are NOT really helping our scene either … anyway WE made a commitment to the band and their fans… and that’s why we decided THE SHOW MUST GO ON this Saturday 10.09! So we hope to see you all this Saturday 10.09 @ De Casino! Thanks for your support!
Tickets are still available on the link below!


NEWS FRONT 242 + TEST DEPT to headline BIMFEST's 20th edition @ De Casino - St-Niklaas - B

FRONT 242 + TEST DEPT to headline BIMFEST's 20th edition @ De Casino - St-Niklaas - B

05 September 2022 15:15

This year BODYBEATS celebrates the 20th edition of it’s worldwide known and renowned sympathetic alternative underground music festival; BIMFEST, or Belgian Independent Music Festival in full. Also this year we think we can say we succeeded once more in putting together an attractive and varied line-up.

And like the BIMFEST tradition wants it, also this time with a variety of national and international established names such as Alvar (SE), Amnistia (D), Fïx8:Sëd8 (D), The Juggernauts (B), Soft Riot (UK) and Severe Illusion (SE), complemented by newer, perhaps lesser known, but definitely not to be missed, shooting stars such as Nuclear Sludge (SE), Sierra (FR), Potochkine (FR) and Tilly Electronics (D). Besides the smashing electronic music they make, those last three bands have another thing in common, a strong mesmerizing front woman!

One of those other infamous BIMFEST traditions is reactivating long-term inactive bands and artists for an exclusive live show at BIMFEST… And look, this year we managed to wake the legendary and Belgian electro-industrial duo SONAR (B) out of hibernation, a hibernation that lasted no less than 8 years!

The absolute icing on this 20th BIMFEST cake edition is of course the appearance of FRONT 242, THE Belgian pride and founders of the EBM (Electronic Body Music) genre! This legendary combo was also present at 10 year BIMFEST celebration so they had to come back! Recently these gentlemen had their own 40th anniversary celebration at the, 2 day’s in a row sold-out, Ancienne Belgique. But ofcourse also the retutn of electro-industrial legends TEST DEPT (UK)!

So Don’t miss out and order those tickets now!

Ticket & info on the link below!


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