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NEWS BIMFEST XX - 20th edition - dates confirmed - 02+03 December 2022! Save the dates!

BIMFEST XX - 20th edition - dates confirmed - 02+03 December 2022! Save the dates!

08 April 2022 14:26

It is with great pleasure that we can announce our dates for another full fledged edition of the Belgian Independent Music Festival (BIMFEST) !

Friday 02 & Saturday 03 December 2022!

Like every year (let us forget '20/'21 asap!), we try to compile a varying and appealing line-up in the best BIMFEST tradition!


Support us by checking on our -in, share and invite your friends to our BIMFEST Facebook event!


NEWS 10.05 ZANIAS @ Bodies & Beats III - Fetish Caf - Antwerp - B

10.05 ZANIAS @ Bodies & Beats III - Fetish Caf - Antwerp - B

01 April 2022 11:43

We at BodyBeats are proud to announce we have managed to get hold of yet another great artist for a VERY EXCLUSIVE & VERY LIMITED CLUB concert: ZANIAS! This Australian female artist who is also known as the head and voice of the bands Linea Aspera and Keluar will pass through Antwerp to present us her latest album, Unearthed, but also the soon to be re-released debut, Into The All.

After living in Germany for years Zanias will soon be relocating to Australia so this might be the last time to witness her perform live for a very long time. Or as she announced herself on her Facebook page: “I won’t be living in Germany for much longer so catch me while you can!”

Since this concert will take place on a regular weekday, TUESDAY 10 May, we will have no support band so we can start the concert at 21h00. This means our productive citizens can return home in good time for a decent night's rest.

This event will take place in a very special setting … the dark but cosy dungeons of the Antwerp Fetish Café!

For those party animals amongst us we will have our resident DJ BORG spin some danceable, weird shit for you at the Bodies & Beats afterparty ... until the early hours?!

For those who are not yet familiar with our Bodies and Beats concept, don't be scared of the unknown ... there are worse places on earth to be these days!

Also good to know ... no dresscode whatsoever is required but some kinkiness is always appreciated!

Take note! Our dungeons of pleasure have a VERY LIMITED CAPACITY so tickets are STRICTLY LIMITED to ONLY 70!

So be fast or be sorry! > TICKETS <

Let your friends know you are going and check in on our FACEBOOK EVENT!


NEWS Belgium lifts all Covid-19 restrictions! Come celebrate!

Belgium lifts all Covid-19 restrictions! Come celebrate!

09 March 2022 17:06

Finally there seems to be a bright light at the end of the tunnel! As of Monday 7 March Belgium lifts all concert and party restrictions! The perfect oppertunity to come and celebrate with us in Brussels with ADULT., Plack Blague, The Juggernauts and DJ BORG!

More info & tickets on the link below!


NEWS Attention! We have lift-off!!! EBM day @ De Casino  will go ahead on Saturday 26.02!

Attention! We have lift-off!!! EBM day @ De Casino will go ahead on Saturday 26.02!

16 February 2022 14:49

UPDATE! Belgium will go from "Code Red" to "Code Orange" from this Friday 18 February onwards. This means EBM day 2022 CAN & WILL HAPPEN! 😃 However,"Code orange", means the CST or recovery certificate is still mandator but also surgical masks are no longer mandatory!

Most important, standing, dancing, jumping, drinking will be allowed AGAIN!

So what are you waiting for!? Get those tickets now!


NEWS 26.02.22 Not Just Another EBM day! Fingers Crossed!

26.02.22 Not Just Another EBM day! Fingers Crossed!

08 February 2022 11:20

Update 08.02.22: Since there seems to be some conflicting and confusing information around we like to remind you, so far as we are concerned, our EBM day is still scheduled for 26 FEBRUARY! (Double checked & Confirmed by all parties!).

It all depends now on the decision our government will make THIS Friday 11.02... IF we go from code RED to code ORANGE, EBM DAY WILL HAPPEN! If we stay in code RED, EBM will be postponed to a date in the very near future! So get those tickets now AND let's keep our fingers crossed and hope for a code ORANGE! 🙂

Thanks for your understanding and support!

Your BodyBeats team.



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