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PORNO KARAOKE + MILDREDA @ Djingel Djangel - Antwerp Peek-a-oo Magazine #42 out Now! 05.10 BODIES & BEATS XI feat. Odonis Odonis + Choke Chain 15/09/2023 BODIES & BEATS XI feat. Monolith + PreEmptive Strike 0.1 22.10 Bodies & Beats XIII - Feat RUE OBERKAMPF BIMFEST XXI @ De Casino - St-Niklaas - B Powered by VOLT Magazine! International EBM day 2024 BODYBEATS PRODUCTIONS' WALL OF FAME ... SINCE 1985!

>>>11.08 PORNO KARAOKE + Mildreda @ Djingel Djangel - Antwerp ><18.08 Bodies & Beats X @ Fetish Cafe - Antwerp > Feat. The Juggernauts - BHPL - Dreadfool - Deleritas <> 15.05 Bodies & Beats XI - Feat. MONOLITH + PreEmptive Strike 0.1 <> 05.10 Bodies & Beats feat. ODONIS ODONIS + Choke Chain<> All B&B event tickets are strictly Limited!!

NEWS The Ultimate Dreamers + Mildreda added to BIMFEST XIXI line-up!

The Ultimate Dreamers + Mildreda added to BIMFEST XIXI line-up!

02 October 2021 15:35

BodyBeats Productions & De Casino present:
17+18.12.2021 @ De Casino


+ more tbc ?

We are happy to announce the 19th edition of BIMFEST can finally happen this year! Out of respect to the bands who already had agreed to play our planned 2020 edition, we kept this original 'Covid-edition' line-up .... But only to start with!!! Because meanwhile we have already added 2 more booming bands: MILDREDA + THE ULTIMATE DREAMERS. Of course our dream is to add even more bands and to have a fully fledged BIMFEST edition again … BUT THEN ... Since our financial reserves were drained by this f*cking pandemic … WE NEED YOUR HELP! SO TO ORDER THOSE TICKETS TODAY! Because the more and faster the pre-sales go up, the more great bands we we able to add! / Tickets / Check-in on Facebook & invite friends!


NEWS The Machinists DIE KRUPPS + FRONT LINE ASSEMBLY return to De Casino on 19.08.2022!

The Machinists DIE KRUPPS + FRONT LINE ASSEMBLY return to De Casino on 19.08.2022!

28 September 2021 14:50

BodyBeats Productions & De Casino are very proud to announce this double bill event featuring two of the most legendary electro-cross-over and EBM bands who have been around for over three decades and are still kicking ass today ... DIE KRUPPS + FRONT LINE ASSEMBLY!!!!!

DIE KRUPPS (D) are one of those early pioneers of Electronic and Industrial music who have inspired bands like FRONT 242, NITZER EBB and many more! With their first and very industrial sounding album ‘Stahlwerksinfonie’ (1981,) the clubhit and cult single ‘Wahre Arbeit Wahrer Lohn’ (1981) and the following albums ‘Volle Kraft Voraus’ and ‘Entering The Arena’, Die Krupps laid down the foundations for what would become Electronic Body Music or E.B.M...

FRONT LINE ASSEMBLY (CAN) is also one of those influential Electro-Industrial pioneer bands, but was formed in Canada by Bill Leeb and Rhys Fulber after Leeb left Skinny Puppy. Influenced by early electronic and post-industrial acts such as Cabaret Voltair, Portion Control , Test Department en Severed Heads Front Line assembly managed to developed its own sound combining these influenced with the elements of EBM (Electronic Body Music). Like Die Krupps, also Front Line Assembly has never disappeared from the (underground) music scene and still strikes back regularly with new, hard hitting albums, releases and concerts!!

Support for this night is TENSION CONTROL (D)

Afterparty beats will be provided by our resident DJ BORG

Tickets & info HERE!


NEWS New Instans album featuring BORG (The Juggernauts)out now!

New Instans album featuring BORG (The Juggernauts)out now!

02 September 2021 15:49

During the first weeks of the C-19 lockdown (2020) BORG (The Juggernauts) was invited by Fredrik Djurfeldt (Alvar, Severe Illusion, …) to contribute to the new INSTANS concept album Trans Sector Hyperdrive. On this album INSTANS deals with the shattered illusions of the lost space age generations.

"The misanthropy is amplified with guest appearances from the mighty BORG (The Juggernauts)... (

"Two of the songs are visited by Jonas Fredriksson (Alvar) and BORG / Peter Mastbooms (The Juggernauts) and contribute to the variation of the album." (9/10

Instans - Trans Sector Hyperdrive


01 Human Culture is dead

02 The eagle never landed

03 Dream in vain

04 Space 1999 (Assimilated by BORG) V2

05 Dying Stars

06 The unfortunate death of Max Valier

07 Varsin raket

08 Dîd Planet

09 Into the night

10 108 Minuter (feat. Jonas Fredriksson)

11 Monkeys in space

12 Brain Chip


NEWS New date Project Pitchfork @ De Casino set! > 26.08.2022!

New date Project Pitchfork @ De Casino set! > 26.08.2022!

22 August 2021 12:26

We are happy to announce or newly new confirmed 2022 date for our Exclusive Project Pitchfork show at De Casino. We would like to thank you all for your support, patience and understanding!

Ticket sales will go back online soon!

Already purchased tickets will of course stay valid!


Don't forget to check-in on our Facebook event here!


NEWS Project Pitchfork postponed to 2022 (New date coming soon!)

Project Pitchfork postponed to 2022 (New date coming soon!)

04 August 2021 15:34

It is with regret, but not entirely unexpected, that we have to announce our planned Project Pitchfork's concert on August 27th can once again not take place due to the current Corona restrictions and situation. In consultation with the band's management, we are looking for a suitable date in 2022. We hope to announce this new date as soon as possible. Tickets already purchased remain valid!

Het is met spijt, maar niet geheel onverwacht, dat wij moeten aankondigen dat het geplande optreden van Project Pitchfork op 27 augustus aanstaande opnieuw niet kan plaatsvinden door de huidige Corona beperkingen en situatie. Wij zijn, in samenspraak met het management van de band, opzoek naar een geschikte datum in 2022. Wij hopen deze nieuwe datum zo snel mogelijk bekend to kunnen maken. Reeds aangekochte tickets blijven geldig!


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